Meet the Laureates & Jurors

Patrick J. Fleming & Gabriel Prize Jurors

“To promote drawing, to revive drawing, as a central part of architectural practice…there is another aspect of drawing, that is perhaps even more important, that is drawing as research, drawing as an intellectual pursuit, in which ideas are discovered through the process of drawing”

- Raymond L. Gindroz, FAIA, Juror

"What the Gabriel brings now is a way of reminding people of the importance of unity, of composition and character in buildings"
- Patrick Pinnell, FAIA, Juror

 Joyce Rosner — 2007 Laureate 

“I totally expanded the way that I work. It changed how I teach and really what has happened since then... I don't think I could go back to working the other way now...”

 C. Errol Barron, Jr., FAIA — 1995 Laureate

“I didn’t have the confidence that I could do this sort of thing…I was a little worried about doing these big 24x36 watercolors…I took this as a chance to expand my horizons a bit in that way and also to learn something about an architectural world of which I knew very little”

 Stephen W. Harby — 1996 Laureate

“One of the very important things about this award as distinct from many of the other opportunities…is its rigor…it was that, sort of constant work of drawing everyday, and producing these large drawings, it was something that pushed me into a whole, whole new way of thinking.”

Stephanie Bower — 2013 Laureate

“I was peering back 400 years into the mind of the designer and I could see what his intentions were…If I had just gone there and snapped a photograph, I never would have learned what I learned. It was actually being there, pulling out my sketchbook, and drawing it…that I had that “Aha” moment where I realized this is the purpose of the Gabriel Prize."

Mario C. Cortes — 2006 Laureate

“The Gabriel Prize in a sense gave validity to the hand drawing and watercolors of my world…”